NCS specializes in world-class supply chain solutions in challenging environments for fuel, oils and lubricants and related services requirements. Leveraging the global presence of World Fuel Services, with over 8,000 suppliers and 8,500 customers across marine, aviation and land segments, we have provided extensive product volumes and associated services to many commercial, military and other government operations.

We believe that operational excellence in challenging environments is a realistic target. Our success in challenging environments derives from our ability to leverage the expertise, experience and capabilities of our staff, our global presence and supply chain as we significantly de-risk the supply chain of critical-path commodities.

We distinguish ourselves as a provider in four key areas:

  • Expertise: By design, NCS is a fuel specialist company, with deep expertise in product, supply, logistics and high-risk environments, as well as finance, fuel management and price risk management through the World Fuel Services organisation.
  • Reliable Supply: Our vast supply network, supply line security and tight control processes maximize supply continuity and minimize consequences of any unavoidable interruptions.
  • Trust & Quality: We earn and maintain our partners’ trust through our “boots on the ground” approach; our systemic focus on quality; our commitment to ethics and transparency; and through the backing of World Fuel Services, as a solid, reliable financial counterparty.
  • ValueOur value to our customers is realized in two key ways: through reduction of their risk and associated costs, and by enabling or expanding missions into geographic areas which would otherwise be impossible.

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