The value of choosing NCS is found through our ability to support our clients in risk reduction, cost reduction, and enabling their missions.


Risk Reduction

Through multifaceted risk reduction, our clients may avoid serious potential costs.

  • Our vast supplier network and the integrity of our supply chain helps minimise the risk of costly supply interruptions.
  • Our quality testing regime ensures the provision of on-spec fuel, reducing the risk of production stoppages, damage to capital equipment, and voided warranties that can occur with poor quality fuel.
  • Our price risk management programmes help minimise the risks associated with price volatility.
  • Our company’s financial strength reduces counterparty risk.
  • Our strong commitment to ethics and anti-corruption practices ensures compliance with applicable laws, minimising reputational risk.
Cost Reduction

NCS can bring additional value in reducing our clients’ life-cycle of direct and indirect costs through:

  • Volume aggregation in fuel procurement
  • Leverage of long-term supplier relationships for favourable pricing
  • Outsource of fuel management and procurement functions
  • Use of existing credit facilities