Trust & Quality

Trust & Quality


NCS and World Fuel Services jointly understand that our associate's trust in us is earned through consistency of product, service, and ethical standards. We demonstrate our commitment through every level of our organization and operation.


  • Our extensive quality control procedures maintain product quality against local regulations and internationally recognised standards such as ASTM, JIG, BSI and others.
  • We drive the maintenance of fuel quality standards through the supply chain by a rigorous regime of fuel testing, utilising a combination of independent laboratories and in-house testing.
  • We ensure compliance with international aviation standards in operations, training and procedures through our direct participation in relevant organizations such as JIG Guideline Committee, IATA Technical Fuels Group, the Energy Institute and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).
  • We have ISO9001:2015 certification with a fully implemented business management system and non-conformance correction procedures.
  • Our Quality Management System provides operational consistency and transparency through rigorous documentation of all management, core and support processes, managed by our Quality Assurance team.

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NCS and World Fuel Services are committed not only to providing quality products and services but also to observing the highest ethical standards in conducting our business. To do so, we maintain a Code of Corporate Conduct and Ethics, a detailed Anti-Corruption Policy, and other guidelines.

All of our employees, consultants, agents, and representatives must observe and comply with the laws and regulations governing our activities in the various regions and countries where we do business. Those laws include:

  • Anti-corruption laws (including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, or FCPA)
  • Local anti-bribery laws (including those implementing the OEDC Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption)
  • Laws prohibiting commercial bribery

The anti-corruption laws also require us to maintain accurate and complete books and records and proper internal accounting controls designed to prevent and detect improper payments.


Code of Corporate Conduct and Ethics

NCS Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

ISO 37001 Certificate

Local Presence

NCS maintains local presence in the following ways:

  • NCS positions dependable "boots on the ground" at operational key locations and delivery points, with authority to take immediate action based on access to first-hand information.
  • NCS Site Managers pay frequent visits to loading and shipping points.
  • Operations and Country Managers maintain contact with local authorities.
  • All personnel respects the experience of our subcontractors and their insight into local customs, laws and regulations.

Global Strength

NCS is a wholly owned subsidiary of World Fuel Services, a U.S.-based, publically traded global corporation (NYSE:INT). World Fuel Services has an outstanding reputation as a reliable financial counterparty, built on its 25-year history of combined strength in its balance sheet, ethics and risk management.


NCS’s HSSE focus has developed over the years, historical influences have included:

  • As an originally Danish company, NCS has always operated under one of the most stringent HSSE legislation in the world.
  • NCS has specialized in serving governmental customers, demanding compliance with western HSSE statutory requirements, also in remote locations.
  • NCS became a subsidiary of World Fuel Services, a company registered on the New York Stock Exchange, making HSSE a    corporate high priority. 


In order to meet all of the above, management has set out the following HSSE policy: 

  • NCS will at all times meet the more stringent of contractual demands, national legislation and World Fuel Services policy.
  • We will create an HSSE culture based on knowledge and awareness by training, communication and monitoring of progress.
  • We will secure western standard working conditions for our own employees.
  • We will work to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.
  • We will strive to implement the best HSSE practices with our sub-contractors by monitoring and offering them participation in the NCS training program.
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is managed in compliance with ISO 45001.  
  • Environmental Management is managed in compliance with ISO 14001.
  • 3rd party certification of our HSSE management system – where possible in consideration of the security status of the area - is a planned objective.

ISO 14001 Certificate

ISO 45001 Certificate


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