NCS specializes in world-class supply chain solutions for fuel, oils, lubricants and related services for mining customers in challenging environments. Through NCS and our parent organisation, World Fuel Services, we have provided extensive product volumes and associated services to numerous mining, aggregate and associated companies.

NCS customers in the mining sector have included:

  • Global mining houses
  • Regional mining houses
  • Local mining houses
  • Aggregate companies
  • EPCM contractors
  • Power generation companies

We are able to significantly de-risk the supply chain of these critical-path commodities for the mining sector through:

  • Ensuring key personnel are on the ground to control the supply chain processes
  • Proven, long term relationships with a multitude of suppliers in virtually all countries of the world, allowing multi-modal, multi-nodal supply chain solutions
  • An absolute focus on ensuring fuel supply chain integrity, notably on fuel quality
  • A recognition of the need to draw on the experience and local knowledge of local subcontractors, suitably managed to meet our quality and service standards
  • An ability to control fuel costs through the assistance of our dedicated price risk management team