As part of any potential turn-key fuel supply chain solution, NCS is able to design, construct, commission and operate fuel storage facilities such as Fuel Farms and Bulk Fuel Installations (BFI). Through our experienced team of fuel experts, we are able to draw on significant experience in the design and construction of bulk fuel storage facilities in a wide variety of operating environments, from extreme cold to extreme heat and humidity. Working with local and international construction partners, we are able to design, build and commission fuel storage facilities – both fixed and mobile installations - in accordance with international standards such as API and ASTM.

We are also able to offer a management service for our customers’ bulk fuel storage facilities. In addition, in emerging environments we are able to provide technical support to local BFI providers to help develop and maintain world-class quality control standards.

Based on a network of supply partners, NCS sources requirement-based fuel equipment (such as fuel pumps, meters, filters and tanks) for our own fuel construction projects as well as for our customers and other partners.