NCS was designed as a high-quality fuel and logistics service provider from inception. We have "cut our teeth" in Afghanistan, learning how to deliver a world-class supply solution in one of the most austere environments in the world. The risks we have routinely faced and overcome include security, geography, environment, politics, and infrastructure. Our people, systems, and processes have been well tested. Not only have we delivered superior solutions in this challenging operating environment, but we have also thrived on the challenge.

We draw on these experiences, overlaying them with the global reach and presence, financial strength, and service-focused capability of our parent organization, World Fuel Services.

Sourcing from our World Fuel Services supply chain, we are able to reliably offer petroleum, oil, and lubricants products and associated services virtually anywhere in the world, against globally recognized quality standards.

To consistently deliver the high standards we demand, we have a highly qualified and experienced set of fuel professionals, including specialists, in areas such as:

  • Bulk supply
  • Supply chain logistics
  • Fuel management services
  • Risk management
  • Structured finance
  • Quality management
  • Product testing

We can also draw on a network of trusted local sub-contractors to maximize our ability to develop local capabilities, provide sustainability and utilize local knowledge and expertise.

Performance History

Since NCS began fuel operations in Afghanistan in 2007, we have become the leading provider of high-quality petroleum, oil, and lubricant (POL) products and services to military organizations in Afghanistan. Our strength of performance over the years has been reflected in our successful selection as a Prime Vendor to NATO, our continued contract renewals, and a variety of new contracts with various NATO Member Nations. 

The activities we have carried out during this period have included fuel supplies, strategic storage, storage construction, and ground and aircraft refueling. We have also provided fuel technical support, such as fuel testing and meter calibration.

We are also proud of our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. We place great store in it, and it is fully supported by our operating processes and programs of continual development.

During the execution of our projects, we have gained extensive knowledge of procedures and set up in a harsh environment.  This knowledge, combined with World Fuel Service’s experience of providing fuel in six continents of the world, is the cornerstone for our future operations, allowing us to seek opportunities in challenging environments on a global basis.

More details of our performance history can be provided on request.


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